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Information Technology is one rapidly changing pragmatic world. In this era, technology is driving meteoric innovation in industry, culture, society, communication and environment through computer, mobile, TV, internet among the others things. A plethora of career opportunities are emerging in this field to support this phenomenal growth.The world is experiencing a new wave of digitalizationand are rapidly adopting technologies like internet-enabled smart devices, autonomous vehicles, Machine Learning tools and more of Artificial Intelligence.Engineersare preferred for their in-depth and engineering broad-based technology-oriented job roles in this sector. While Computer Application Graduates, on the other hand, are more focused on developing the ability of critical thinking and imbibing problem solving techniques by sharpening their programming skills. This makes them future ready and well equipped with objectives that compassionately foster the scientific temper. These graduates are more industry-ready resources for IT and software companies to meet the massive demand of IT consumption in this modern era. So, the good news is, an aspiring IT professional need not necessarily be an engineering graduate! A candidate with a 3 years’professional degree in BBA(CA) can also pursue successful careers in the IT industry or can also begin by creating their own start-ups.It is more professionally oriented as compared to computer science and other similar alternatives.
If you have an analytical mind and a knack for studying different computer languages with a passion for writing codes, you can become a computer programmer. BBA(CA), 3-year full timeprofessional degree programme can help you master some of the contemporary computer languages like C, C++, Java & Advanced Java, Python, PHP, ASP.Net using C#, as well ascomputer science subjects like Operating System, Unix Operating Systems, DBMS etc. This makesyoureadily fit for varied types of industry requirements and improves your employability factor. Projects developed by the students during the course enable them to enhance their problem solving techniques and apply knowledge gained in designing practical workable solutions to business problem.It shapes them into a complete IT professional and helps leveraging opportunities in the IT industry by building strong foundations.
BBA(CA) course also offers the insight into management studies that equip students to take on leadership positionskeeping in mind the needs of the dynamic business world.With proper grooming, you can become a software developer, mobile applications developer, web developer, system or business analyst,database administrator, embedded firmware developer among several other choicest streams of software development.A competent professional in the field of computer applications can easily work as consultants or open up IT developmentor service firms where they can offer different software development services like website development, business & mobile applications development, product development and gaming applications.
During these three years of BBA (CA), we inculcate essential skills with the right moral and ethical values as demanded by the global software industry through an interactive learning process. The well qualified, enthusiastic and experienced staff with academic excellence, well equipped, and updated IT laboratories, spacious smart classrooms with best in class ICT tools, excellent infrastructure, and green campus complement the teaching learning process here at MIT WPU.In-class interaction involves intense discussion on case studies, situational analysis and Problem Based Learning assignments in addition to interactive lecture sessions followed by field projects, surveys and evening meditation. Curricular content is available 24x7 and comprises Digital Learning Management System of video capture of lectures, self-paced learning modules graded as per difficulty level, interactive assignments and other e-learning.Industry-Academic interface is strengthened by bridging the gap between academics and industry through internships, projects, Mentor-mentee, pre-employment training programs, guest lectures, webinars and seminars from industry experts, placement activities and other interactive programs.With our MIT WPU methodology, industry-oriented teaching-learning approach, and holistic development of students, we have successfully placed students at reputed IT firms like Infosys, Accenture, WIPRO, TCS, and many more.
BBA(CA) Programme at MIT WPU, School of Management(UG), is ranked 9th in India among private Institutes Offering BBA Programs, Times BBA Ranking 2019. It is accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade with CGPA Score 3.37 out of 4 and ranked 3rd Best University to Study BBA in India, India Todays Ranking 2018. It is also ranked 21stin India Among B-schools, Business India Ranking 2019 and ranked 40thby Times of India.
School also has got global collaborations with leading universities in US, Singapore, UK, and Australia etc. Collaborations include study tours, practical learnings in International universities, Innovative practices used, training and understanding operations and logistics surrounding the same.
WPU has evolved a higher order learning pedagogy which combines multi-dimensional activities on campus, Social immersion activities and development of employability & Life skills, which is backed by Research, Collaboration, Technology, Field Visits and Live Projects. The WPU method combining technological excellence, balanced by stress-busting Indian practice of Yoga and Meditation and a Peace curriculum has proven to be a milestone in the journey of students towards life transformation.
That’s why studying BBA (Computers Applications)at MIT WPU, is a great career choice, no matter what industry you are interested in. Whether you want to develop software that powers successful businesses, design a hot new mobile phone app, or create digital effects for blockbuster films, specialized computing skills will be indispensable.
Candidate who wish to seek admission for the course can register for the BBA(CA) program, 2020-21 on Website : OR Contact: 020 – 7117 7104 / 020 – 7117 7105, E-mail:
I wish all the students bright and successful academic career!
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