CLAT Myths and Important Facts

For legal studies in India, NLUs are the well-known institutions to study at. They are what IITs are to engineering studies in India. For admission to these prestigious universities, the Consortium of NLUs conducts CLAT or Common Law Admission Test. Thus, every year thousands of students appear for the test for admissions to the prestigious NLUs, forgetting the myths associated. But what are CLAT myths? Do we have to pay attention to it? In this article, all the myths will be busted, and you will know why CLAT still stands on top of the list of different national-level exams in India.
But before that, let us know a bit about National Law Universities!
National Law Universities in India are the institutions with par excellence in global legal education. NLUs are best known for their cutting-edge legal education and teaching practices. Many believe that NLUs are the right place to help them unleash their legal potential. Besides, it also provides them with opportunities that help them build their skills and gain expertise before landing their first job.
The faculty at the NLUs includes alumni of prestigious institutions in India and Abroad and industry giants who share and impart their experiences and knowledge with the students. The faculty is one of the factors that makes NLU a premier institution to study law in India.
Let’s now focus on the myths and bust them to help you in knowing the secret tips and strategies to crack CLAT –
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Myth #1: Law is the toughest field to crack!
Those who believed never tried, and those who tried, never looked back! Though legal studies is not a cakewalk, it will be wrong to say that it is impossible to succeed in the field. We all know that guidance from the experienced is much needed to pursue higher education, but sometimes, these people who guide might misguide you before you even try for it.
There might be great competition in the field, but all that depends is demand and supply, which still holds the ground for legal studies. Thus, the scope of law keeps widening with time and increasing demand. Interestingly, law as a profession is respectable, highly remunerated, and recession-free. Studying law might be tough, but you can still succeed if you believe in your dreams.
Myth #2: Limited Opportunities
Do you also believe this? If yes, then my friend, you haven’t explored the field of study right. So if you have been holding up to this prejudice, it is time you must let it go. Law aspirants open themselves to numerous opportunities that others might keep looking for. Firstly, numerous fields in law are open to law aspirants – practising law, judicial service, civil services, legal consultant, teacher or professor, defence services and much more. Being a legal aspirant, you get numerous opportunities and can easily succeed in the field.
Myth #3: Be well-versed with Legal Knowledge
For your information, CLAT is an aptitude test, so you do not have to be well-versed with legal knowledge.CLAT or Common Law Admission Test tests your potential and not the legal knowledge. So, to crack CLAT, you need to get a basic understanding of the judicial system of India, which doesn’t require any expertise. CLAT tests candidates based on their language, quantitative,reasoning and analytical skills along with current affairs and general knowledge. So focus on building these skills as then you will stand a solid chance of scoring good in your CLAT.
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Myth #4: Legal Studies are for students with a background in Humanities/Arts!
Law is one of the fields of study that any student, regardless of their educational background, can study. Law is not a stream-based career option but is a field that holds immense potential for students who want to make a career in law and hold the ability to think wisely and ahead of others. To become a lawyer, your reasoning skills should be on point as you have to analyse and think of different situations froma different perspective to conclude. So anybody, whether from science, commerce or arts,is willing to pursue a career with unparalleled and unimaginable rewards, then the law is a career for you.
Myth #5: Special skills to crack CLAT
Cracking CLAT requires no specialised skills that require superior intelligence. Though you need to build and work on certain skills that will help you crack the exam, intelligence is inherent, and you can do much about it. To crack CLAT, all you need is to be thorough with the subjects, practice those skills and be motivated. Solve mocks and sample test papers to build your basic skills and successfully crack CLAT.
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