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The renowned Azim Premji University is a not for profit university, and it was set-up in 2010 in Karnataka. This university has been recognized by The University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 2F. The undergraduate programme at Azim Premji University prepares a student not only to enter the professional arena but also makes him a critical and independent thinker.
Students can pursue an undergraduate programme for a duration of 3 years at Azim Premji University which accords them a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Physics, Biology or Mathematics. Students also have the option of getting a dual degree if they opt for a B.Sc. B.Ed programme which is for four-years. The B.Sc. B.Ed. programme can be done in three streams namely, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences or Mathematics.
In Azim Premji University, the interdisciplinary study is an integral part of the common curriculum which the undergraduates have to follow. These courses have been incorporated so that students develop skills, capabilities and knowledge related to these subjects. Parents and students need to have a higher understanding of these subjects as regards to their relevance in practical situations.
Liberal Arts Course structure at  Azim Premji University:-
  • The Azim Premji University offers undergraduate courses with majors in Sciences (Physics / Biology), Mathematics, Economics and Humanities. In addition to the above, it is mandatory that students study common curriculum which comprises interdisciplinary areas, namely, Development, Sustainibility, Education and Media, Society and Development.
  • The four-year dual degree programme is offered as B.Sc B.Ed. also for students having subjects (Biology,Physics or Mathematics).
Eligibility Criteria at Azim Premji University:-
Students should have passed class 12th board exams (CBSE, State, ISC) with a minimum 50% score.
The students should not be more than 19 years of age.
Selection Process for Liberal Arts Progaramme at Azim Premji University:-
1.  To qualify an entrance is the first requirement to be fulfilled by the candidate.
  • Students can either get admission on the basis of SAT scores or can appear for National Entrance Test conducted by the University known as “Azim Premji University National Entrance Test.”
  • Students who have valid SAT scores are required to appear for the second part of the entrance only and this test is for one hour.
2. Those students who have cleared the entrance are called for Personal Interview round.
Azim Premji University National Entrance Test Pattern :-
English language and Quantitative Aptitude.
ESSAY/ Data Analysis/Problem Solving
2 marks for correct answer and 1 mark for an incorrect, zero for not attempting questions.
For more information students can click on the link below.
Objective of this multidisciplinary approach to undergraduate studies at Azim Premji University are:-
  1. To introduce “Development” as one of the interdisciplinary studies is to make students aware of importance of a just, equitable and sustainable society. Students are motivated to develop an inquisitive approach and understand the complexity of economic inequality, increased urbanization and falling health index and host of other issues.
  2. The objective to introduce “Education” as one of the interdisciplinary studies was that students should be able to explore and understand various facets of society. This programme is more exploratory in nature as regards to structure of education in the nation.
  3. One of the recent fields of discipline, “Sustainability” aims to develop an awareness to sustainability challenges and also be participative in social and ecological issues
  4. The objective to introduce “Media & Democracy” is to make students understand the importance of media and communication technologies in shaping democratic opinion of Indian citizens.
Below are the four mentioned areas from which students can choose a course during graduation:-
List of Courses:-
The Political Economy of Development
Ecology and Sustainability: Land, People and Livelihoods
Public Health: The Social and Environmental Determinants of Disease
School and Society
Field Practice: The Political Ecology of Place
List of Courses:-
Nature and Purpose of Education
Introduction to Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment
School and Society
Language and Education
Field Practice: Human Development Teaching and Learning
List of Courses:-
The social-ecological system perspective for sustainability
Conservation in social ecological landscapes
Urban ecosystems and sustainability: A social-ecological systems perspective
Geographic Information Systems for sustainability
Field Immersion
List of Courses:-
Understanding the Digital Present
Writing for the Media
Media and Politics in India
Technology and Democracy
Field Practise: Watching Media at Work
PROGRAMMES OFFERED at Azim Premji University :-
Sr. No.
Name of courses
Bachelor of Science - Biology
Bachelor of Arts - Economics
Bachelor of Arts - Humanities
B.Sc. B.Ed.- Dual degree in Science and Education.
Job Prospects for Azim Premji University Graduates :-
Students who graduate from Azim Premji University have a host of enticing options in the field of employment and higher education. These students can venture in the field of business, teaching, entrepreneurship and social sector as they have a profound understanding of various academic disciplines.
Very significant career paths that many graduates have undertaken are:-
1. Students have pursued “Postgraduation or Integrated-Doctoral programmes” from many renowned institutions (Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands), University of Glasgow, The University of Warwick (UK) , Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Indian Institute of Technology).
2. Many students pursue “diploma in inter-disciplinary areas” like Development Economics, Social Anthropology, Public Policy, Education, Media, Journalism, Conservation Biology, Neuroscience etc. at many famous universities like Ambedkar University, TISS, SOAS London, University of Göttingen, Germany, Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI), Paris etc.
3.Students also pursue “fellowship programmes” or take up job assignments at Campus Associateship with Azim Premji Foundation, PRS legislative Research, Indian Institute of Human Settlements, Teach for India and others.
We hope that the above information will clear your doubts regarding undergraduate courses offered at Azim Premji University, and you will be in a position to make an informed decision.
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