How to Crack AILET

AILET exam tests students in three major areas: English Language, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, and Logical Reasoning. A critical step towards sound preparation is to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses. It will help you to come up with a strategy for how to prepare for AILET.
Following are a few tips on how to crack AILET:
Guidance and Mentorship
Entrance exams are entirely different from school-level examinations, as you are required to give your best attempt within a limited time. You might face problems while juggling between different subject areas. An experienced guide, coaching institute or mentor will go a long way in giving an edge to your preparation. A mentor will help you in the analysis of your weak and strong areas, which will help you in deciding your approach towards each section.
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Practice for offline exam
AILET is a paper-pen based exam, which means it is conducted in offline mode. In confirmation of the notification issued by the Bar Council of India, National Law University-Delhi has done away with the upper age limit condition. However, most test-takers are school pass outs, and the concept and methodology of attempting an entrance exam are new to them. A total of 150 questions have to be attempted in 1 hour and 30 minutes. It’s a speed test that will assess the aspirant on five core areas. To get familiar with the examination pattern, plan an effective time management strategy. It is essential to practice several mock test papers and actual papers to practice time management and brush up your skills. We have designed Mock test papers and several topic-wise sectional tests, to give the aspirant an insight into the style and pattern that is followed for AILET.
Time Management

Managing time during preparation as well as during the exam plays a very crucial role. It is essential to structure both preparation as well as attempts. The reading comprehension questions in the English section, the legal aptitude section, and the logical reasoning sections are time-consuming. It is advisable to plan accordingly.  

While attempting the questions, do not ponder upon the questions which you do not understand. Move on to the next question without wasting any time.

Spend more time on strengthening your weaker areas, along with polishing your strong areas. The practice is the key to strengthen the weaker areas.

Following is the section-wise preparation strategy which will help you ace AILET:

AILET English Language

This section will test your proficiency in comprehension and grammar.

You should aim at building a useful vocabulary, which cannot be done overnight. Hence, it is advisable to get into the habit of regularly reading newspaper and any magazine which covers contemporary events well. It will also help with the General Knowledge section.
Get your hands on a word list and try to go through the words starting from one alphabet every day. Furthermore, identify the words you are not familiar with and try to understand their meaning and practice their usage.
Learn the art of breaking up a sentence to understand its meaning more clearly. Besides, brush up on the basics of grammar to tackle sentence correction and error detection-based questions.

AILET General Knowledge and Current Affairs

The General knowledge section in AILET contains 30 questions. This section can go a long way in giving a winning edge to the performance of a student who has an interest in newspaper reading and is aware of the latest happenings and events. Candidates who read the newspaper daily would have found this section to be straightforward to attempt. Therefore, it may sound cliche, but the only way to try this section well is to read the newspaper regularly. 

AILET Logical Reasoning

This section will test your ability to identify patterns, understanding of logical links, and whether you can correct inconsistent statements by posing questions on syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, etc. Most of these questions can be easily solved by following specific shortcut methods or trick methods. Therefore, practice the previous year's papers to get a hold of the subject. Besides, with a new significant change in the exam pattern of AILET 2022, the Logical Reasoning section had a few questions based on legal principles to test candidates' understanding and familiarity with legal reasoning. however, the exam does not require prior knowledge of the law, technical terms or principles.

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