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LLB Online Coaching - Law is a highly preferred and admired career pursued by students mostly either after completing their class XII or bachelors degree. A person  may have completed their graduation or master's, yet law is one such course that can be pursued at any part of life. Most law schools giving the LLB and its associated higher courses do not have an upper age limit. Therefore law aspirants are good to take the law entrances at any stage of their life.
Choosing the law sector initially for education and later as a career option is undoubtedly a prudent choice.
LLB Coaching
Law is among the professions most preferred for independent practise. After completing your education in law from a law school you are eligible for a legal license. To get education in law you have to get into a law college. To get into the best law colleges you will have to qualify for entrance exams and to qualify for the law entrance exam.Law coaching for LLB is one of the tested and successful methods. There are many law entrances, such as DU-LLB, PU-LLB, AILET, SLAT, LSAT and CLAT and coaching offers strategic guidance for clearing the entrance exam and getting admission into the preferred law college.
PU-UILS (5 Year) Prep Course
For aspirants targeting the 5-year integrated course offered at PU-UILS, Hitbullseye offers LLB online coaching. It consists of 45+ Interactive Live Classes, 40+ Sectional and topic Tests, 25+ E-Books, and assignments, along with expert guidance from our law mentors. Our LLB online coaching will be extremely useful for the students and will be a single solution to all their prep challenges.  
PU-LLB (3 Year) Prep Course
Panjab University is one of the most popular institutes in North India. With thousands of students wishing to enter the university, competition can be very intense. The three year LLB course offered at PU conducts its entrance test. To give aspirants an extra edge, Hitbullseye offers a PU LLB prep course. It comes with 40+ Interactive Live Classes, 100+ Sectional and topic-wise Tests and much more. 
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Why take the LLB Online Coaching?
Hitbullseye LLB  online coaching covers the syllabus that forms most LLB entrance exams in a systematic and comprehensive manner. With the help of LLB online coaching programme, an aspirant can prepare anytime and anywhere. When you prepare online you save time and energy, which naturally gives you sufficient time to learn and practice.
Advantages of LLB Online Coaching
EfficienTime Utilization—When you go for the Hitbullseye LLB online coaching, you do not have to travel, which saves a great amount of your time. The time you save can be used to prepare for the exam and improve your knowledge.
Learning Flexibility—The Hitbullseye online coaching programme is accessible anytime. You can make the most of it by reading and learning the concepts for the LLB entrance exams at your convenience. You may be a working professional and you may get time at night. When you have access to the LLB online coaching it gives you liberty to prepare anytime.
Cost Savings - Traditional classroom coaching is costlier compared to LLB online coaching. With the LLB online coaching program, you can save thousands without compromising quality. Access live lectures, practice tests and all tools necessary for LLB entrance exam success.
Peer Learning - You are enrolled in the telegram group when you take the Hitbullseye online LLB coaching. Whenever you face a doubt during your preparation of LLB entrance you can get them cleared in the telegram group and also in the student panel from the expert faculty during the live lectures.
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Prominent features of Online LLB coaching
LLB online coaching is a blessing for aspirants who cannot attend regular LLB coaching classes. When they go live, the online LLB classes are interactive and the students can have their queries cleared through the live interface, maximizing their learning.
  • Complete or sectional or whatever topic you want Hitbullsye has prepared their online LLB coaching keeping in mind the different types of aspirants and their requirements for the LLB entrance preparation.
  • You will be notified well in advance before you attend the live lectures. This way you can come prepared for them and gain more by asking those questions where you need help from the faculty member.
  • The online LLB coaching comprehensively addresses LLB entrance topics like analytic reasoning, general knowledge, legal aptitude and verbal ability. The syllabus is taught via live e-lectures, recorded videos and mock tests. Analyzing the LLB mock tests aids in assessing readiness for the actual entrance exam by providing a national rank based on your scores both overall and in each section.
  • In the telegram groups you can ask the queries you could not during the live lectures. You may get the answers to your questions from your preparation group buddy or an expert faculty member.
CLAT Masterclass
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a live lecture?
An expert faculty member conducts live lectures for students in real time through the online LLB coaching program. Students can interact by asking questions via a pop-up window on their systems using the provided credentials.
What should I do if I miss a live lecture?
Missed the live lecture? No sweat! It is uploaded within two days for you to access from your profile. Find it on the students course page. 
How will I be prepared for the online LLB coaching?
You learn from the live lectures, recorded lectures and e-books and get to practice a lot of mock tests. You get the analysis of the mocks you have appeared for, which shows your national rank against all the test takers. Your marks tell you your strengths and weaknesses regarding the LLB entrance.  
Can I access more than one programme from one ID?
To access all the online LLB coaching programs you have purchased simply use the unique ID provided in the welcome email. 
Can a mobile phone be used for accessing the LLB online coaching?
Yes, you can use mobile phones to access the LLB online coaching using the credentials that were given to you when you purchased the LLB online coaching.
Can LLB entrance be cleared by taking the LLB online coaching?
Hitbullseyes LLB online coaching encompasses the entire syllabus for the LLB entrance exam, providing comprehensive preparation for aspiring candidates. It includes assessments, mock analyses and personalized doubt-clearing sessions with experienced faculty members.
How is LLB online coaching different from classroom coaching?
Online LLB coaching stands out due to its multiple benefits. It offers students access to experts round the clock for query resolution. Interactive teaching in live sessions, along with mock tests and practice papers, ensures comprehensive preparation for aspirants. Opting for the LLB online coaching program increases the likelihood of securing a scholarship, thanks to easier evaluation of academic performance.
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