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There are merely 350 seats and only two IIM's nationwide providing the 5-year-management degree beginning from BBA-1st year and leading to an MBA. With 30k aspirants appearing for the limited seats, imagine how tough it must be for a student aiming to make it to India's two top-notch management colleges which offer the integrated management programme. Fret not, dear aspirants. We prepare you fully for taking this challenge of clearing IIM IPM and help you attain your ambition for branded education in IIM Indore or IIM Rohtak.
The given article guides you to specially designed and carefully prepared study material for making your IPMAT prep journey simpler and easy.
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IPM '23 Study Pack
IPM'23 Study Pack includes 200+ Concept Videos, 30+ eBooks, 400+ sectional/topic-wise examinations, 115+ assignments and 80+ mocks. The study bundle will assist you in enhancing your performance in the IPM'23. Along with this, students are invited to join our Telegram channel, where they may directly ask the mentors questions.
Tips to Choose the Best IPMAT Books for your Preparation
The first thought that comes to mind when studying for business admission tests like the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) is, which book should I use?
The content and material offered in accordance with the most recent exam pattern and syllabus are generally used to determine whether a book is good or best.
Both online and off, there are many books available. Therefore, while contemplating the books for your preparation, it can be unclear for the majority of you.
We have offered you a few tips to help you choose the IPMAT Books 2023 to make it simpler.
• To better comprehend the themes covered in the book, it is important to read the book's description before choosing it.
• Before purchasing the book, be sure to read the review, as it will indicate whether or not it will meet your needs.
• Seek out books from reputable publishers because they keep their titles up to date with the most recent modifications to the question paper.
Additionally, choosing books with practice tests at the end of each chapter is a smart idea.
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Best Books for IPMAT 2023
Experts advise choosing books that offer Sample Questions and Practice Question Papers for the IPMAT at the completion of each topic.
The most suggested books for the IIM IPM aptitude test are shown in the table below.
Book Name
Brush up your English by ST Imam
This book is excellent for practising grammar. If you don't have much time for preparation, you can turn to this book for guidance.
Logical Reasoning and interpretation for CAT

If you are not taking the IPM Rohtak or JIPMAT exam, you can skip the logical reasoning section.
You can get answers to questions about DI from this book.
Magical Book on Quicker Maths by M.Tyra
You can learn all the answers to the problems quickly with the aid of this book.
Additionally, it will aid in speed improvement.
ML Agarwal for Classes 11th and 12th (ICSE Course Books)
For the higher mathematics section of the IPM Indore, you might consult this book.
For adequate preparation for the Integrated Program Management Aptitude Test, you can refer to the following books in the table below.
Book Name
Comprehension Guide for IPM (IIM Indore) Entrance Exam 2020 with five online tests
Disha Experts
IIM IPMAT Preparation Guide
Stalwart Career Institue
Complete Companion for IIM Indore IPM
Due North academy
IIM Indore IPM Full-length Test Series
Due North academy
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