Ace the AILET English Section

National Law University conducts All India Law Entrance Test (AILET), Delhi for admissions into undergraduate, postgraduate law and doctoral programmes in law. Every year 20, 000 students appear for AILET competing for 120 seats. It is essential to focus on all the sections of the entrance examination to beat the competition and score well. This article will throw light on tips and strategies you can use to ace the AILET English section.
In AILET, out of 150 questions, 50 questions are from the English Section. Earlier the section had 30 questions but the authority changed the exam pattern for AILET 2022. Before we chalk out a plan for preparing for this section, let's analyse the English section of previous years AILET papers:
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Name of the topic
Number of Questions
Find the Correct Meaning
One Word Substitution
5 (From Midnight to Millennium and Beyond – ShashiTharoor)
Grammatically Appropriate Sentence
Do as Directive
Fill in the Blanks
Odd one out
Area Wise Analysis:
The following points on preparation strategy for the AILET English section will help you score well in this section:
Apart from these essential topics, the areas where you should focus on are Synonyms Antonyms, Sentence correction and Error Detection, Prepositions and Modals based fill in the blanks.
To score well, you should increase your reading speed without compromising on accuracy. Solve previous years' papers, take multiple mock tests and practice English usage-based questions like Para Jumbles, sentence completion, error identification, etc. Make sure that your grammar fundamentals are strong and work on building a useful vocabulary.
  • Reading Comprehension passage is generally related to law or legal matters; as seen in the previous years' papers. Your preparation of the Legal Aptitude Section may give you some advantage here. Since the passage is lengthy, you must practice an ample number of reading comprehensions to increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Vocabulary forms a significant part of the English section in AILET. In general, AILET features questions such as identifying the meaning of the words based on context and Fill in the Blanks based on vocabulary knowledge. The level of the words used in these questions varies from moderate to hard. You are advised to revise the words you have learnt till now and also inculcate a reading habit which will help you learn new words. Use different techniques like the association method, roots, word lists, etc. to remember words. Practising questions on vocabulary is imperative to achieve a good score in this section.
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  • Also try to read and learn idioms and phrases along with their usage and meanings as questions based on the same are quite common.
  • Para jumbles questions are essential as they have been frequently asked in the previous 3-4 years question papers. You must regularly practice questions from this topic.
  • Brush up the basics of grammar to correctly tackle sentence correction and error detection based questions.
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