CLAT Previous Year Question Papers

Latest Update: Consortium of NLUs has released the notification for CLAT 2025. The application dates are live & the last date to register for the exam will be 15th October 2024.
The exam is set to be conducted on 1 December, 2024 (2:00-4:00 PM)
CLAT Previous Year Question Papers help CLAT aspirants to get an idea about the questions and the examination. Besides, these previous year question papers help the candidate in time management. CLAT Previous Year Questions based practice test with Answer Key are uploaded on the website and are available for download. Download CLAT Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Key from the table below:
The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the first step for Law aspirants to get into their dream Law College/ University. Clearing the CLAT Test is a mandatory step for students who want to pursue law in both participating 22 National Law Universities and other private institutes that accept CLAT scores. One needs to have a clear idea of the kind of questions that will help them solve maximum questions in time. 
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CLAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answer Key
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Earlier, CLAT had 200 questions to be answered in 120 minutes. Since 2020, CLAT questions are 150 and legal aptitude section has been introduced instead of legal reasoning. Therefore, time management is of utmost importance. Students need to solve previous year CLAT papers to get a fair idea of the difficulty level of the questions and the areas from which maximum questions can be asked. CLAT aspirants should try to solve as many previous year papers and Mock Tests based on previous papers.
Other than the previous year question paper, CLAT aspirants take mock and practice tests to analyse their performance in all the sections. After knowing their weak and strong areas, they strategise their preparation to work more on the weaker section and polish their skills. These practice papers and mock tests also help in analysing the level of difficulty of the examination.
How to Use CLAT Previous Year Question Papers?
Check the Importance of CLAT previous year questions given below.
  • Candidates can quickly analyse the exam pattern and the types of questions asked.
  • Candidates can see the weightage of different topics and what topics have dominated the section.
  • Solving these papers will help the candidates boost their confidence and help them improve and work on weaker areas.
  • Besides, it helps the candidates in managing time and solves questions faster.
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CLAT Preparation Tips
  • Start your preparation early as you get enough time to complete the syllabus. You can strategise your time to spend the most time preparing for each section without missing out on any detail.
  • Having sufficient time preparing for the exam, you can solve mock tests, practise papers and sample papers, which can help you analyse your performance. Based on it, you can know your weak and strong areas and work on them accordingly.
  • Every candidate must prepare a study plan. It will help you manage time as you can easily divide the chapters and sections to be completed in the stipulated time. It also provides you with extra time for revisions after each section.
  • Read more and more books to enhance your reading skills, which are essential for CLAT. Since the exam will have comprehension-based questions, critical reading and analysing skills are a must.
  • Once you have completed a chapter or section, you can attempt chapter-wise and section-wise practice papers. After completing the whole syllabus, try full-length, timed mock tests, which will help you understand the actual exam type and time management.
  • Do frequent revisions of topics that are a bit tough. A few of the topics might seem easy but, with practice, you can ace them.
To get a clear picture of the CLAT Exam, you can download CLAT Previous Year Question Papers. However, the e-book below will help you in preparing well for the exam. 
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Does CLAT repeat questions?
At times it has been seen that questions are repeated in the CLAT Exam, so practising previous year's question papers will help the candidates to solve questions easily.
Who sets CLAT paper?
The Consortium of National Law Universities (CNLUs) sets the CLAT 2024 exam pattern and question paper. Candidates by referring to the exam pattern of CLAT 2024 may understand the question paper pattern and prepare accordingly.
Can the CLAT examination question paper be taken home?
In the case of the annual offline examination, this practise is acceptable. Students take their question papers home with them.
Are mock exams more challenging than CLAT question papers?
The authority's mock exams this year serve as samples to help students comprehend the new format. There is no guarantee that the question paper will have the same level of difficulty. However, in order to pass the exam, one must prepare well in advance.
How many CLAT past-year question papers should I attempt per day?
You are advised to complete a minimum of one CLAT Previous year question Paper per day to enhance your time management and problem-solving abilities.
What are the benefits of practising CLAT previous year's question papers?
By solving CLAT previous year Question Papers as part of your preparation, you can understand the difficulty level of the questions, the types of questions that have appeared over the years, the topics with the highest weighting and the frequency with which they have been tested, and you can gain confidence as you solve more and more question papers.
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