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  • Overview of Constitution
  • Evolution and Salient features of Constitution
  • Right to equality (A. 14-18)
  • Right to freedom (A. 19)
  • Protection in respect of conviction for offences (Article 20)
  • Right to life and Personal Liberty (Article 21)
  • Right to Education (Article 21A)
  • Ex post facto laws and Double Jeopardy (Article 22)
  • Right against Exploitation (Article 23-24)
  • Freedom of Religion (Article 25-28)
  • Article 29-30
  • Article 32
  • F.R, F.D & DPSP
  • Indian Executive
  • Indian Legislature
  • Indian Judiciary
  • Emergency Provisions and Amendment of Indian Constitution


  • Read this eBook to understand the evolution and salient features of the Indian constitution.

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Indian Constitution