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Which is the code that can decode any punishment? It is the Indian Penal Code!

IPC is a prehistoric criminal code prepared in the times of British Raj by Lord Macaulay and since then has been actively used to penalize criminals. It is an exhaustive document containing about five hundred and eleven sections.

IPC forms an important part of the CLAT syllabus and has been comprehensively covered in this course.

Start learning with this course and become adept at tackling IPC related questions!

What you will learn

  • The history of IPC
  • Basic concepts under criminal law
  • General Exceptions given in the IPC
  • Sections under Absence of Criminal Intent

Curriculum for this course

Pre-Assessment Test

  • See where you stand with this test that will check your knowledge on general defenses


  • Overview of Indian Penal Code
  • General Exceptions I
  • General Exceptions II


  • Indian Penal Code I - Practice Assignment 01

Online Tests

  • Indian Penal Code I - Practice Test 01
  • Indian Penal Code I - Practice Test 02

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IPC I: Introduction and General Defenses