All About Liberal Arts

A degree in Liberal Arts is an academic programme that provides a comprehensive overview of humanities-related subjects. The degree in Liberal Arts enables a candidate to pursue a career in diverse fields and thus it does not restrict them only to a specific profile as it is not a professional degree.
What are the positives of studying liberal arts?
Forbes magazine has rated the degree in Liberal Arts as the best academic degree choice. There are many job profiles where a non-liberal degree is demanded such as statistics and marketing. However, a degree in liberal arts proves the Human Resource managers that a candidate with liberal arts degree is an apt choice as an employee who can very well adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of a working environment.
As a student of liberal arts, they get to explore many courses. They can study the subjects of science, such as zoology and at the same time, they can combine other subjects of humanities, such as music or Sanskrit.  Such combinations not only help students maintain their interest in the course, but it also readies them for the market. Apart from this advantage, the adaptation of students is better to the demographic changes and technological advancements as well.
Academic Areas of Liberal Arts
The most famous programs of liberal arts are related to languages and linguistics. Passouts of these courses can opt for careers such as interpreters, translators, historical linguistics, and writers. Literature is another subject that is popular in liberal arts. American, British, Russian, and Indian are some majorly studied forms of literature by the students. A good career in teaching and academics can be chosen by the literature passouts.
Liberal arts students can also go for subjects such as music (vocal or instrumental), sculpture making, handicraft, home science etc. Spirituality and Religion can also be studied in liberal arts. History Geography, Political Science, Sociology, and Philosophy are some of the other subjects that can be opted in liberal arts.
The best fact about liberal arts is that candidates can pursue their degrees in science or humanities stream. However, the candidates will have to study basic subjects such as English in humanities or Mathematics in non-medical.
Career options after degree in Liberal Arts
The market readily welcomes Liberal Arts passouts and HR managers feel pleased by hiring them because they are good sources of knowledge and easily adapt to changes. Candidates with liberal arts make very good editors, language experts, teachers, communicators and much more. They can pursue careers as a museum guide, librarian, and work as social workers in many non-profit organisations.
One can also work in government organisations as lobbyists, planners, or as legislative, and statistical assistants.
Overall there are abundant job opportunities for candidates with a degree in liberal arts. They can earn a decent salary starting from ₹ 3 lakh at least. Therefore it can conclude that a degree in liberal arts is an excellent career choice today and for the upcoming times too.