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The Indian Tort law includes provisions for various wrongdoings against people and property. Hence it’s something that can find applications in almost all spheres of our lives.

Tort law is an important topic of the CLAT syllabus and a huge number of questions are asked from the same.

So take this course to become an expert in solving any kind of question on Tort Law!

What you will learn

  • Various types of Torts in relation to Persons
  • Concept of Assault and Defamation
  • Various types of Torts in relation to Property
  • Concept of Detinue and Conversion

Curriculum for this course

Pre-Assessment Test

  • See where you stand with this test that will check your knowledge on Assault and Defamation, Detinue and Conversion


  • Strict Liability Or No Fault Liability
  • Torts In Relation To Property
  • Torts In Relation To Person

Live Lectures (An sms/email will be sent 30 minutes before live lecture. Live lectures are conducted on a regular basis and details will be updated here. Once available, you can view previously recorded live lecture.)

  • Live Lecture 1: Torts in relation to persons: Assault, battery, defamation, nervous shock, negligence and nuisance
  • Live Lecture 2: Torts in relation to property and Capacity: Trespass, detenue and conversion. Capacity to sue and a contrasting liability to be sued in tort
  • Live Lecture 3: Types of liabilities under torts: Absolute liability, strict liability and strict liability


  • Get to know the various types of torts in relation to people and property through this meticulously drafted eBook.


  • Law of Torts II - Practice Assignment 01
  • Law of Torts II - Practice Assignment 02

Online Tests

  • Law of Torts II - Practice Test 01
  • Law of Torts II - Practice Test 02

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  • You will be sent a Telegram Group invite link within 48 hours.

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  • Feel free to message us with any issues, queries or feedback you have about this course. We are happy to help!

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Law of Torts II : Torts in relation to Person and Property