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Blood relations and direction problems form a major chunk of questions asked in various exams. Blood relations are the different relations among the members of a family. Based on the information given, the problems involve finding the relation between particular members of the family. Direction based problems need an understanding of the cardinal directions and how they change upon rotation.

This course will help you build concept clarity on both these topics. The tips and tricks taught in the course will help you solve these problems with greater speed and accuracy. Solved examples will give you a taste of the actual questions asked in exams. So take this course and enhance your problem solving skills.

What you will learn

  • Basics of blood relations and related problems
  • Basics of direction sense and related problems
  • Tips and tricks to handle complex problems
  • Shortcuts to solving questions on blood relations and direction

Curriculum for this course

Pre-Assessment Test

  • Take this test to assess your current skill level in Blood Relations and Directions


  • Direction Sense
  • Blood Relations

Live Lectures (An sms/email will be sent 30 minutes before live lecture. Live lectures are conducted on a regular basis and details will be updated here. Once available, you can view previously recorded live lecture.)

  • Lecture 1: Basics of blood relations and concepts of direction sense with the help of examples


  • Gain insights on concepts related to blood relations and direction sense through this e-book.


  • Blood Relations and Direction Practice Assignment 01
  • Blood Relations and Direction Practice Assignment 02

Online Tests

  • Evaluation Test 01 – Blood Relations & Directions
  • Evaluation Test 02 – Blood Relations & Directions

Doubt & Discussion Group

  • You will be sent a Telegram Group invite link within 48 hours.

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  • Feel free to message us with any issues, queries or feedback you have about this course. We are happy to help!

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Blood Relations and Directions