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Named after the chairman and founder of the Hero Group, Brijmohan Lall Munjal, BML Munjal University is engaged in creating, preserving and imparting internationally benchmarked knowledge and skills to a diverse community of students from across the world. BMU’s aim is to nurture ethical leaders who are skilled, knowledgeable and have the life skills needed to lead organisations to success.

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Ranks among the top 10 business houses in India, with an estimated turnover of USD 5 billion.
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Overview (for BA-LLB & BBA-LLB)

Co-designed by London’s Imperial College of Business Studies, BMU’s innovative BBA programme offers a new vision for business education, with a focus on professional excellence.

Based on an interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum, the programme provides a team-based, problem-solving and hands-on learning environment, which will prepare students for the challenges of the corporate world.

Apart from a thorough grounding in business fundamentals, the course also provides students with soft skills training as well as an appreciation of literature, arts, history and social studies. The ultimate aim of the course is to create well-rounded and balanced business leaders of tomorrow who can handle tough situations with equanimity.

Career Prospect

BMU offers a BBA degree to the students who wish to make a career in the corporate world. The course enhances the different skills of the students.

The professors boost the confidence and guide the students to improve their communication skills. This is the first thing through which the candidates are judged in the corporate world. The students are provided complete knowledge about the recent market developments.

Depending on the interest and skills, BBA graduates can search for jobs in sales and marketing department of various companies. The candidates can work as management trainees in the following sectors:

  • Finance & Accounting Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • HR Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Supply Chain Management

The candidate can apply for a government job also. If a student is not interested in a job and wishes to study further, then he can apply for a master’s degree. MBA is the perfect master’s degree to pursue after the completion of BBA. Then, students can give the entrance exams such as GRE, CAT, MAT, GMAT and more for better prospects ahead.

Duration: 3 years

Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent

Admission Process

Applicants will have to go through the following process:

  • Submission of completed application form with all relevant enclosures and application fee
  • Review of applications and short-listing of candidates
  • Personal interview
  • Admission decision taken by the selection committee

The decision to short-list applicants for a personal interview and group discussion and make a formal offer of admission thereafter will be taken by the selection committee. The committee’s decision in this regard is final and binding.

BBA Eligibility Requirement

Applicants appearing for their class XII examinations from any of the following boards:

  • Andhra Pradesh State Board
  • Telangana State Board
  • Tamil Nadu State Board
  • Kerala State Board

Are required to have a minimum aggregate of 75% in their class XII final board examinations

Applicants from all other Indian boards recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) are required to have a minimum aggregate of 65% in their class XII final board examinations

Cambridge/IGCSE board students are required to have 3 A-levels

All Candidates applying for BBA in Family Business and Entrepreneurship need to either have family business background or should have passion about doing Business

Cambridge/IGCSE board students are required to have 3 A-levels

As per the AIU’s current guidelines, all IB Diploma and IB Certificate students with 24 points with 3 subjects at HL and 3 subjects at SL are welcome to apply for the undergraduate courses at BML Munjal University

If you have taken the SAT or ACT exams, submitting those scores to BML Munjal University will enhance your chances to selection. Our DI Code for SAT applicants is – 7534. All applicants applying with SAT/ ACT scores need to send us their official score reports

Evaluation process

BML Munjal University uses a multi-dimensional approach to evaluate students for each of its undergraduate programmes. For the BBA programmes, a student is evaluated on the basis of

  • Class 10 and Class 12 final examination scores
  • Personal interview (in the personal interview, the candidate will be specifically evaluated on passion, creativity, application-orientation and communication skills)

1. All applicants are required to submit the completed application form with all relevant enclosures / attachments including proof of payment of the application fee

2. BMU will review applications and short-list candidates for the interview

3. All shortlisted candidates appear for a personal interview

4. The BMU selection committee processes the final admission decisions

The decision to shortlist an applicant for a personal interview and make a formal offer of admission thereafter will be taken by the BMU selection committee. The committee’s decision in this regard will be final and binding.

Fee Structure

Year Tuition Fee (in Lac INR)
1st Year 2,50,000
2nd Year 2,70,000
3rd Year 2,95,000
Total 8,15,000

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The BBA General course syllabus at BMU aims to develop sound understanding of business and economic practices of both domestic as well as international industries and markets in the students.

The students are equipped with the knowledge of business structures and functions through the study of subjects such as organizational behavior, business operations, business management, financial management, accounting fundamentals, and essentials of marketing.

The BBA General course subjects are carefully designed to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills in the students by teaching them about fundamentals of entrepreneurship, innovation business ethics, business strategy, and complex problem-solving abilities.

The course also focuses on the writing, presentation, communication, and critical reasoning skills of the students and provides them with the opportunity to expand their mental horizons through the study of philosophy, logic, liberal arts, environment and society.

Additionally, through the medium of the Practice School sessions, the course helps the students to apply their training in real life management projects and work under the supervision of business leaders. This ensures that by the end of the course the students have not only gained a sound understanding of business and trade practices, they are smart, industry-ready individuals who can take on the business world with confidence.

BBA in Family Business and Entrepreneurship 2018-2021

S.No. Category Course Title Credit
1 Core Micro Economics 4
2 Core Dynamics of Family Business 4
3 Core Managerial Psychology 4
4 Core Financial Accounting with Tally 4
5 Core Business Organization and Principles of Management 4
6 Skills Writing Skills 3
7 Skills Philosophy and Logic* 2
    Total Credits 25
S.No. Category Course Title Credit
1 Core Fundamentals of Macro Economics 4
2 Core SME Business Management 4
3 Core Business Statistics and Mathematics 4
4 Core Cost and Management Accounting 4
5 Skills Communicating and Presenting Skills 3
6 Perspective Joy Of Innovation 3
7 Perspective Environmental Studies and Disaster Management 2
    Total Credits 25
  Industry Visit (2 Weeks)   non-credit
S.No. Category Course Title Credit
1 Core Organizational Behaviour* 4
2 Core Essentials of Marketing 4
3 Core Operations Management 4
4 Core Bringing Ideas to Market 4
5 Core SME Financing 3
6 Perspective Living Literature and Arts 3
7 Skills Etiquette and Conversational Skills 3
    Total Credits 26
S.No. Category Course Title Credit
1 Core Human Resource Management and Industrial Laws 4
2 Core Business Law 4
3 Core Business Model and Intellectual Property 4
4 Core Leveraging Information Technology for Business 4
5 Core Marketing Management 4
6 Skills Critical Reasoning & Systems Thinking 2
7 Skills Strategic Risk Taking Skills 2
    Total Credits 24
  Internship (6 Weeks)   6
S.No. Category Course Title Credit
1 Core Digital and Social Media Marketing 4
2 Core Corporate Governance in Family Owned Business 4
3 Core Strategy 4
4 Electives Electives (4×2=8) 8
5 Perspective Markstrat Simulation 3
6 Skills Problem Solving and Consulting Skills* 2
7   Initiate Entrepreneurial Venture  
    Total Credits 26
S.No. Category Course Title Credit
1 Core International Business Management* 4
2 Core Entrepreneurial Venture 6
3 Electives Electives (6×2=12) 12
4 Perspective Capstone Simulation 3
5 Skills Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 3
    Total Credits 28